About us

Luxury Guide s.r.o. is a publishing house founded in 2001 in the Czech Republic which focuses on the lifestyle industry. Its most famous publication, Luxury Guide, is one of the leaders on the Czech market with a wide portfolio of advertisers with brands like Tiffany, Chopard, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Dior and more among them. Since 2012 the house publishes another standalone magazine Luxury Guide exclusively for Czech Airlines that is distributed in business classes on boards of Czech Airlines.

It also publishes a well-known journal Health&Beauty focused on aesthetic medicine, health and psychology, a catalogue Enjoy Prague Flavour that maps the local gastronomic scene in Prague, and Luxury Map which guides luxury-oriented tourists in Prague and Karlovy Vary. Various supplements to Luxury Guide like Watches and Jewellery, Design and Developer or Luxury Travel are inseparable part of the publishing house.

Since 2014, Luxury Guide s.r.o. focuses on licensing of its magazine on the international markets.